Our Services


We provide qualitative and quantitative in-depth researches through mixed methodologies combining both traditional and modern approaches to ensure that we get the most accurate sentiment of the market.


We aim to create positive changes through contemporary techniques that will give “spotlights” to ideas, brands and causes, and finally fuel desired actions. Paired with data-backed strategies and approaches, our campaigns get in the hearts and minds of the people.​

Media Output

We believe that creative storytelling delivers better messages and has more powerful impacts on the audience. Through divergent approaches and vibrant techniques, we can help you deliver your messages better.

Why Us?

In the age of sentiments and virality it is very difficult to differentiate between actual news and rumours or determine whether a sentiment is an actual sentiment or merely a virality of a short term internet sensation. Cent-GPS provides empirical and focused data analysis that helps our clients navigate their strategic planning. In the days of hyper connectivity and information spreading in second – the link between corporate, government and public sentiments is closer than ever which is why those who run this think tank comes from those various sectors.

Cent-GPS is a guide, a tool that provides you with the necessary information, we don’t tell you what to do, rather, we provide you the information, the data, the possible scenarios and the options available. It is you however that drives the vehicle.