Cent GPS, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Kuala Lumpur, are excited to be hosting the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) regional workshop entitled, Enhancing Digital Connectivity for All, to be tentatively held from June 13 to 17, 2022, in Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia*. The recent pandemic has highlighted the stark digital divide between communities, which further translates into disadvantages related to education, access to information, and economic opportunities. 

This YSEALI Connectivity regional workshop will provide a platform through which young leaders from across the region can come together, share strategies and best practices, and work together to narrow the digital divide across the region. We call on ASEAN and Timor-Leste youth leaders to join us in building greater access to digital connectivity across the region!

YSEALI Connectivity 2022 :
The Workshop

Recognizing the digital divide in Southeast Asia, particularly between rural and urban communities, YSEALI Connectivity  will bring together multi-stakeholder players, digital change makers, advocates and community leaders to share expertise, infrastructures, and resources to build a cohesive ASEAN network which will contribute efforts towards designing functional digital framework and enhancing digital access among the people. The workshop will be covering various topics from the issue of digital integration to a broad spectrum of device generation and users, the digitalization of the local economy and businesses, digital literacy, data privacy and security and the formation of a digital regulatory framework. 

3-Day Workshop

Be part of the workshop and listen to experts sharing their knowledge and experience in bringing digital services into rural communities and how it is translated into a more inclusive governance and opens up economic opportunities. 

In this workshop participants will be exposed to the various tips, knowledge sharing sessions and technical know-how on the practical implementation of e-government services and digital economy in a rural community setting. Our goal is provide participants with the necessary tools, skill-set and cost-effective programmes using off the shelf tools to enhance digital coverage to your local communities. 

The workshop content will address the following topics:

  • How to improve access to information for rural or less-connected communities
  • How to ensure transparency of operations of government programs / services
  • How to increase communication and provide for smoother collaboration among the various stakeholders
  • Coping with the Elephant in the Room
    • Design thinking workshop to address overcoming challenges to Digital Access (to ensure inclusive access to the internet and its infrastructure)
  • Building Capacity & Breaking a Taboo
    • Establishing Digital Village / Civic Spaces for local community
  • Looking Forward with Stakeholders
    • Establishing Database of experts and stakeholders to build a community of digital connectors and hub
  • Site Visit
    • Learn first-hand how to create a cost effective digital infrastructure using paraphernalia that are readily available around the region. Site visit is part of the workshop.
Applications are open to youth leaders all across Southeast Asia and meeting the following criteria:
  1. Age between 22-35  
  2. Must be an ASEAN or Timor-Leste citizen residing in the region.
  3. A minimum of three years of experience in one of the following areas:
    • Providing government, education, or economic services to rural or underserved communities
    • Technology-related experience in improving digital connectivity or awareness in communities 
    • Community activists in rural or semi rural areas
    • Experts in e-governance and or online education/commerce
  4. Fluent in English  
  5. Able to fully commit to the workshop, including its pre and post activities.
  6. Able to travel to Malaysia and attend a 3-day workshop (excluding travel days). Participants will be required to arrange their own visa.

Project Proposals

Presented During YSEALI Connectivity Regional Workshop 2022, Kuching Sarawak

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