Be part of a new
democratic evolution!


What is #RakyatBersuara?

Rakyat Bersuara is a movement. A movement about consensus, the middle ground, and the ability to understand those who we disagree with. For too long, Malaysia has had to spotlight the most extreme views, because those tend to trigger the most responses and sell the most clicks. Well, no more. Rakyat Bersuara is a platform for opinions that very rarely make it to headlines; a chance to show that the majority of us still have the ability to empathize. 

Rakyat Bersuara works very easily. Above, you’ll see a set of statements about a certain topic. All you have to do is click whether you agree or disagree with those statements. We urge you to provide your own statements as well. This will provide more depth and insight for us.

From your votes and statements, we’ll be able to identify just where Malaysia stands on any particular issue, where we can meet in the middle, and where we agree the most. This is a simple, but a lost art, especially in the digital age. 

So join us. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. And you’d be part of a new democratic evolution.