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We believe good decisions demand good data. Facts help people navigate a changing world. And individuals can make a difference.

We welcome passionate storytellers, responsible citizens and researchers to work closely with us via the following programs.

Senator’s Quorum

A regular no-holds-barred session in discussing issues and challenges from multiple perspectives of governments, legislators, private sector, captain of industries and civil society actors.

Political Training and Political Thought

The course is one of the largest courses in the Peninsular Malaysia. It is a region-leading center for the study of politics. Clients new to Cent-GPS may nevertheless be curious about why government is such a popular study. For some the answer is obvious: because the discipline of politics is such a broad and interdisciplinary field, many clients enter in this course to explore their interests in politics and public life, in Malaysia and around the world.


Cent-GPS is also a publishing firm with the intent of publishing reference works and electronic products covering business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology and medicine. Cent-GPS has numerous writer employees in its main office in Kuala Lumpur. We believe in prevalent upcoming authors. Our role as Publisher is to add value to, promote, publish, sell and market their work. We have the resources, in-depth knowledge of the book industry, a strong dedicated team and experience to complement our authors’ knowledge and experience to publish a study of the highest quality for readers.


Cent-GPS invites applications from scholars working on aspects of Asia that connect with the Cent-GPS’s theme of moving forward. This includes the economics of welfare and claim-making, the politics of representation and social protest; the cultural constitution of citizenship and identity and the ideas, technologies and actions that bring publics into being.

Applications are especially invited from scholars working in ASEAN who wish to use the fellowship to complete a journal article for publication. Applications based on co-authorship with a Cent-GPS academic are also welcome. We also welcome applications from scholars who have not yet published in English but who have made a recognised contribution to scholarship in their home country.


CentGPS is involved in numerous publications, studies and surveys in any given time of the year. Our researchers are often in need of assistance. Email us with the title “INTERNSHIP” and let us know why you would be a great contribution to the team. It matters not your background or educational degree topic. You can study engineering, but like policy studies, and still be called for interview.